As we all know, On March 2024, Meta Platforms Incorporated said that it would launch a feature on its Instagram app that will enable Nigerian creators to monetize their work. Sir Nick Clegg, the platform’s President of Global Affairs and a former UK Deputy Prime Minister, led the announcement.

The functionality, which will be released in June 2024, would allow native content creators to use the app to make a living.

Clegg made this revelation on Thursday during the delegation’s visit to President Bola Tinubu at the State House in Abuja.

“We need to strengthen our partnerships with Nigeria,” Clegg continued.

Now What Is Facebook Monetization:

It is the act of Making money from something valuable that you offer to your audience is known as Facebook monetization. Whether it’s your coaching services, online courses, or earrings. You can think of it as a type of Facebook monetization if you’re generating revenue through Facebook.

Facebook may be used in a variety of ways to sell your goods and services. Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Ads may all be made profitable.

We’ll be concentrating on Facebook Page monetization in this article.

Ways to boost your Facebook fan base:

There isn’t a quick or simple approach to grow your Facebook page unless you’re willing to open your wallet if you’re serious about boosting your following and making revenue from your page.

It’s crucial to remember that Facebook has turned into a pay-to-play network, so before the sales begin to roll in, you must make an effort in Facebook advertising to ensure that your content reaches your target audience.
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Here Are Facebook monetization guidelines:

If you’re considering monetizing your goods or services on Facebook, it’s crucial to review and review Facebook’s guidelines to be sure you’re abiding by them.

Here’s a summary:

1 Comply with Facebook’s community standards.

2 Comply with Facebook’s payment terms.

3 Comply with Facebook’s page terms.

4 Share authentic content.

5 Comply with Facebook’s community standards.

6Develop an established presence. (Your account must be at least 90 days old).

1, Facebook community standards fall into 6 categories, all of which must be respected by content creators. Those categories pertain to:

Violence and criminal behavior
Objectionable content
Integrity and authenticity
Respect for intellectual property
Content-related requests

2 Facebook’s payment terms are no less labyrinthian. Briefly, they cover:



Payment credentials
Extra terms such as shipping costs

The following are some of the most important page terms:

They don’t allow business page names that are purely generic like “The Book Store”.
The page name has to make grammatical sense.
They also have a rule against what they call “superfluous” names.
The name also cannot violate someone’s rights, bring another into disrepute, or be misleading.

How to check your eligibility for monetization;

Log in to Facebook’s Creator Studio

Find the box labelled ‘Monetization’

Click the ‘Check Eligibility’ option

Following these steps will help you to review your current eligibility status and decide whether you can monetize your Facebook Page. Find More info on this here