Nigeria, being the giant of Africa, is home to many stunning cities as well as an abundance of natural resources, delicious food, and clean water.


These are a few of the cities in Nigeria that are without a doubt among the most stunning; if you’re thinking about traveling there for a vacation, you should think about stopping by one of them.

Here are the top most beautiful cities In  Nigeria.

1. Lagos: Since Lagos was previously the capital of Nigeria, one might anticipate seeing similarly majestic architecture there.

The Third Mainland Bridge, an engineering marvel that connects the affluent Island region of the state with the mainland and delivers such a taste of rare beauty that many people have never seen, is one of the key talking points.
Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, is a bustling metropolis with a lively environment.

It is renowned for having beautiful beaches with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, namely Tarkwa Bay and Elegushi Beach.

In addition, there are lovely parks in Lagos, such as Freedom Park and Lekki Conservation Center, where tourists may take in the rich flora and animals.

2. Kano: Northern Nigerian metropolis and the seat of Kano State is Kano. With nearly four million residents, it is Nigeria’s second largest metropolis after Lagos.

Kano is one of the best areas to go driving around the city with family and friends because it has lovely forests, grassy plains, and hills.

Kano has lots of people living in it, both Nigerians and others. Kano has lots of beautiful places you could visit like the Gidam Makama museum, the Dala hills, Kurmi market, the Emir’s palace, the Ado Bayero mall and lots more.

I recommend Kano for holidays and fun days.

3. Abuja: Abuja as the capital territory of Nigeria is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Nigeria, with less people in it and lots of job opportunities. a contemporary, well-planned city with stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings.

Aso Rock, the Nigerian National Mosque, and the Nigerian National Christian Center are just a few of the city’s famous monuments.

Its well-kept gardens and parks, such as Millennium Park, offer tranquil settings for relaxation.

4. Calabar: Calabar, a city in southeast Nigeria, is frequently referred to as “the Canaan City”. Both its natural beauty and cultural richness are impressive. Colonial-era structures fill the city’s tidy streets, adding to its beauty.

Visitors can check out sights like Kwa Falls, a picturesque cascade surrounded by luxuriant flora, Tinapa Resort, Marina Resort, and more.

Calabar ought to be at the top of your list of places to visit in Nigeria if you love the outdoors. The port city serves as the state capital of Cross River, a region of southern Nigeria that shares a border with Cameroon.

Its tranquil atmosphere and lush surroundings make it ideal for outdoor pursuits like hiking and picnicking.

5. Enugu: Enugu, also referred to as the “Coal City,” is a special combination of scenic beauty and historical value. Rolling hills that surround the city offer breath-taking vistas.

Additional points of interest in Enugu include the Nike Lake Resort, the Ngwo Pine Forests, and the renowned Milken Hill, an altitude location with stunning city views.

Enugu has an exceptional road system, is highly commercialized, and has a thriving nightlife.