Mr. Gbafun, a native of Nigeria who lives in Lagos, has released a catchy new song called “Ode.


The listener is drawn into a story that is as bold as it is lovely as soon as this piece emerges with an atmosphere of rhythmic brilliance. On September 24, 2023, “Ode,” a daring step in Mr. Gbafun’s musical career and a prologue to his much awaited collection, “World Best,” was released. It was produced by the talented Eladon.

Additionally, “Ode” has a sense of auditory refinement because of a skilled sound engineer whose knowledge enhanced the track’s emotional and technical aspects. The song is a testament to Mr. Gbafun’s developing artistry, whose lyrical skill is primarily expressed in his native Yoruba. The song captivates listeners with its real sounds and meaningful lyrics, giving them a glimpse of the rapper’s unflappable personality and his talent for writing songs that touch people’s hearts.

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